The Devil's Music

The Devil's Music by Pearl Meaker - Book 1 of the Emory Crawford Mysteries


Emory Crawford Mysteries - Murder Genteel


What Would Jane Marple Do?

Dr. Archibald Finlay Dawson was too full of himself, but the ethnomusicologist and bestselling author didn't deserve to be strangled with the strings from his own fiddle. Or did he? The police are told to solve the case before the suspects, attendees of an anthropology conference, leave Twombly College at the end of the week. Can homemaker and empty-nester Emory Crawford help her husband, chemistry professor and forensic scientist Dr. Jebbin Crawford, solve the crime in time? Armed with a mantra of “What Would Jane Marple Do?” Emory is about to find out.

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Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby

​The song that inspired The Devil's Music - from the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
As sung for the movie by Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welsh and Alison Krauss.

​Fiddle music used to be called "the Devil's music" because fiddles were often played at dances.